Average non-metal roof life is 17years while asphalt roofing can require re- roofing after 10 years or in some cases sooner. Rare offer three unique types of metal roofing with a lifetime guarantee. All Rare roofing will work to as low a pitch as 3in12. All existing plumbing stack leads, kitchen vents collars will be replaced as well as the installation on ridge venting on every Rare roof.

Ironwood Shake
Takes on the characteristics of a cedar shake roof, while providing the benefits of a metal roof.
Ironstone Slate
A very clean looking steel roof which lays very flat it has the traditional look of a slate roof while giving the practicality of metal.
European Tile
Designed to look like a clay tile roof. But not requiring you homes framing to carry the load of clay or concrete tile. Rare European tile is very light at 1.25lbs per square foot.

All of the above Rare roofing is installed with HAL industries tile mate as specked out by Rare manufacturing. HAL tilemate is a high strength membrane consisting of a woven polypropylene sheet bonded to a fiber core with rubber modified asphalt. It’s high tensile strength allows it to be used over open-truss construction. It is a high strength humidity, ice and water barrier.